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PiLog's Data Cleansing & Classification

  • Looking for master data cleansing for Material Master, Service Master, Vendor Master, Customer Master, etc?
  • Facing difficulty in creating a new master record?
  • Suffering with various quality issues?
  • Suffering from inconsistencies in the descriptions?
  • Suffering with lack of information?
  • Want to eliminate duplicates within the data?
  • Looking for multi-lingual cataloguing?
  • Looking for standard technical dictionary/taxonomy?
  • Looking for Extension or Supersede of materials in various plants?
  • Want to reduce time?
  • Looking for more accurate purchase order descriptions?

Creation of a record is only a small part of Data Cataloguing. In addition to the multiple levels of data attributes populated, there are quality checks, validations, duplication checks, and even multi-lingual description generation before any record can be finalized. Cataloguing is the standardized process for organizing the presentation of data in a structure valid for each object class.

Master Data Cataloguing is the process of structuring and standardizing how the data will be managed. This includes the use of a technical dictionary to provide rules-based classification templates and data requirements. Cataloguing also provides a method of standardization for abbreviations, description generation, and the highest level of catalog enrichment desired or possible. By utilizing PiLog’s cleansing, cataloguing, and classification services, you are on your way to Quality Master Data.

PiLog offers both the tools and specialized services for managing the Data Cataloguing process. For those times when you have neither the staff nor the expertise to clean, catalogue, and classify your data, PiLog comes to the rescue with our Data Enrichment Labs. Located in India and South Africa, our engineering-trained teams have the extensive skills needed to fulfill your governance process needs.

Using our exclusive industry-standard technical dictionary content, our data teams pore through your existing data to build out a structured, class-defined data set. Based on agreed-upon data standards, our experts enhance the data set, building upon over two decades of PiLog research and development. By utilizing their cleansing, cataloguing, and classification experience, our data stewards focus on enriching your data to its full potential including additional data points, images, and coordination with on-site personnel for physical verification.

For companies that would rather start creating clean, governed data today and worry about the historical data sometime later, PiLog now offers a Cloud-based Cataloguing solution, budgeted to your level of need. Use it to catalogue your data going forward while you assess the historical data separately. This web-based, access-from-anywhere tool links directly to our exclusive Industry Standard Technical Dictionary Content for a complete Master Data Solution. By linking to our unique content, our Cloud-based Cataloguing solution guides the end-users through the step-by-step population of the required fields while validating the information.

Either way, PiLog has the Data Cataloguing solution to fit your need. Contact The Master Data Experts™ from PiLog to solve your Master Data dilemma.

  • Best Quality & Standardized Data
  • Elimination of duplicate material items
  • Best Taxonomy/Dictionary with best templates
  • Accurate class assignment in material creation
  • Auto mapping of material master record with UNSPSC/eCl@ss or any other classification
  • Assigning HSN Codes to the materials
  • Classes are divided into different disciplines like Electrical, Mechanical, Automobile, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, etc
  • Industry proven ISO compliant abbreviations (Class, Characteristics, Characteristic Values, UoM's)
  • Improved organizational efficiency, communication and reduction in cost by reducing inefficiency, poor communication and duplication of inventory.
  • Reduction in cost of creating new material items
  • Improved inventories of material items and reduction of inventory variances with unique and accurate materials descriptions
  • Cloud-based cataloguing solution
  • Best quality tools & quality checks for validation of data
  • Build multi-lingual descriptions
  • Running all the descriptions through Auto-structure algorithms
  • Harvest from millions of pre-catalogued material master records from PiLog Data cloud
  • Enforced governance rules to improve consistency & data quality using approved characteristic values
  • Generation of SAP Short text (40 Chars) & PO text (up to 4,000 Chars) in multiple languages
  • Capturing multiple reference data such as part number or model numbers of the material
  • Add any attachments like pdf, Images, etc
  • Includes the documentation data of the material
  • Improved organizational efficiency, communication and reduction in cost by reducing inefficiency, poor communication and duplication of inventory
  • Elimination of duplicate material items
  • Reduction in cost of creating new material items
  • Reduction in cost of using current descriptions through improved efficiency, reliance and assurance of accurate and unique descriptions by Engineers, operations personnel, material warehousing, logistics, finance and purchasing
  • Improved purchase contracting and reduced material cost by elimination of duplicate items and reliance on volumes used and needed
  • Master Data positioned to manage vendors, assets, Maintenance and Bill of Materials
  • Improve logistic delivery times by creating internal efficiencies with correct material descriptions
  • Improved inventory receipt process with complete and accurate material descriptions
  • Improved warehousing control and management with unique and accurate materials descriptions
  • Improved inventories of material items and reduction of inventory variances with unique and accurate materials descriptions
  • Reduction of Excess and obsolete through accurate, unique and complete descriptions used in the purchase, receipt and warehousing of items
  • Improved material item availability and reduction of operation stoppage and or rush order shipping through elimination of duplications and proper minimum and maximum stock levels
  • Reduced cost to set up new material items. Cost moved from fixed internal cost to variable external cost
  • Embedded Multi-Lingual Technical Dictionary
  • ISO compliant content and standardization processes
  • Master Data portability, provenance, completeness
  • Various powerful, accurate and quick quality checks & tools with which we can maintain the quality
  • ERP standard data look-ups
  • Enforced mandatory checks
  • Process will stop where governance rules are not adhered
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous interfaces with popular ERP Systems
  • Standardize all the active data to include class assignment up to at least a Level 3 where possible so data can be analyzed and harmonized according to ISO standards
  • Enrich critical and high cost item data up to a Level 4 so that items can be managed across the various regions and so that alternate vendors can be identifiedy
  • Create standardized Short and Long Descriptions for all items to ensure purchasing accuracy
  • Standardize Vendor names to ensure leveraging of customer buying power across regions and across regions and languages
  • Harmonize data with a final potential duplicate resolution process across and languages to ensure excess stock is used and not reordered or duplicated between the sites
  • Improve the consistency of the SAP key data elements by auto-mapping
  • Link the generic images/pictures to each Class used by UTCL in order to improve the identification of the materials
  • Update the UNSPSC codes to the correct/latest version

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