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  • Facing difficulty in searching & identifying material master records?
  • Looking for MRO material master taxonomy?
  • Need of SAP Co-Innovated material master solution?
  • Do you need a solution to arrest the free text spend?
  • Looking for comprehensive multi-lingual material master descriptions?
  • Suffering from redundant, ambiguous material records?

In the world of interoperability, standards plays a vital role, the ISO compliant solution delivers healthy, qualitative, de-duplicated, comprehensive, multi-lingual descriptions within SAP MDG processes that are essential for global procurement & effective supply-chain management.

PiLog’s solution delivers the industry proven best practices to improve supply-chain, maintenance & procurement processes. It utilizes the MRO Taxonomy within the SAP Classification to render systematic multi-lingual short & PO descriptions, identify duplicates and enforce ISO compliant data quality processes & standards via micro-services embedded within the solution.

The Solution is co-innovated & certified by SAP Labs, which gives assurance & confidence to the customers, partners that the solution is well tested as per the SAP standards and can be rolled out smoothly to the production environments without any major risks.

PiLog’s solution aims at delivering industry-proven best practices to improve supply-chain, maintenance & procurement processes with the following features

  • Embedded Technical Dictionary/Taxonomy for MRO templates – Material Master
  • Enhanced search facilities based on classification, descriptions & taxonomy
  • Accurate class assignment incorporated in material create & change requests
  • Auto mapping of material master record with UNSPSC (Taxonomy & Spend Analysis)
  • Pre-configured parameters used in generating short & PO texts, customer can modify it as per the need
  • Auto generation of SAP Short text (40 Chars) & PO text (up to 1,000 Chars) in multiple languages*
  • Capturing multiple reference data (linking more than one Part/Model# & Manufacturers with material)
  • On-demand content as & when required via PiLog Data cloud micro-services
  • Duplicate Check performed during create, change of the material master record
  • Industry proven ISO compliant abbreviations  (Class, Characteristic, Characteristic Values & UOMs)
  • Pre-configured Industry proven de-duplication algorithms
  • Harvest from millions of pre-catalogued material master records from PiLog Data cloud
  • User is guided to accurate selection of UoM, material group & key data structure
  • Enforced governance rules to improve consistency & data quality using approved characteristic values
  • Replication/Distribution of Key fields to SAP or Non-SAP instances (including classification)

Business value:

  • Improved & Accurate Searchability using Classification reduces the time taken for material identification
  • Ready to use Industry proven taxonomy & ISO compliant content (Class, Characteristics, Values & UOMs)
  • 100% improved duplicate detection algorithms based on proven best practices, 10% savings on Inventory cost by identifying & eliminating duplication
  • System generated technically sound, comprehensive multi-lingual short & PO texts, 50% improved material master descriptions for easy procurement
  • Solution embedded within SAP platform without need for External Solution or Framework
  • Standardized usage of terminology improves the communication within and/or across the supply-chain processes
  • Empowering the work force by introducing the standards that have been developed to protect HSE
  • Users search a lot until they find what they were looking for, solution helps reduce the carbon footprint by means of effective & optimized search techniques, that results in low number of search executions
  • Redundant records utilizes lot of storage space unnecessarily, lean & healthy database definitely has positive effect on the environment
  • At least 2 times faster & accurate search using embedded taxonomy, saves huge time & effort.Context based adaptations reduces the time to populate the required fields & validations
  • Systematic identification of duplicate records & multi-lingual descriptions without any manual effort, seamless, unbiased intervention

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